Before demand ... 

HP Valves has clearly defined its market by making clear choices. The result is a high level of detailed knowledge about valves, specifications, and their applications in the specific segments.

Our customers benefit from our expertise in technical consulting, from the design phase to well beyond the completion of projects. Combined with the latest CAD technology, this enables HP Valves to develop completely new or customized products in very short cycles.

Bringing the principles of lean manufacturing to the next level, at HP Valves the cost-effectiveness of our warehousing and materials handling is increased by modern-day intralogistics.

Computerized lean-lifts offer maximum storage capacity and organization on a minimal footprint. Microprocessor controllers are used to communicate with our ISAH-7 data processing system for order-picking and inventory management. 

Flexible, yet highly efficient CNC machinery provides cost-effective 24/7 production with maximum consistency in product quality, all with camera surveillance to secure reliability of unmanned machining. 

After machining, the valve bodies are transported through the single-piece flow working processes in the plant using an overhead Power & Free conveyor system. Each valve body is produced to order, uniquely identified, and connected to a trolley. A floor conveyor is used to arrange transport after painting, carrying each valve to one of the gates for packing in the pre-designated box.

Special processes, such as the 24/7 high temperature vacuum brazing of the solid stellite seats, increase valve service life and reliability and therefore reduce your total cost of ownership. The in-house subcontracting for vacuum brazing, welding, and non-destructive examination allows the expertise to be deployed at reduced cost, with maximum control and flexibility.

Thanks to the reduced cycle and lead-times, the modular design of our products, and our extensive stocks, short delivery times can be achieved. The use of 2D-coding engraved on the valve body means your valves are traceable, from the receipt of the order through to final shipment.

Due to our project-oriented approach, your documentation is always handled properly during the preparation of customised sectional drawings, transport documents, and spare part interchangeability records. 

Excellent workmanship during assembly and subsequent pressure testing on each and every unit guarantee the performance of our valves. Guided picking of parts in our pick-to-light assembly lines increases flexibility for last-minute changes as well as productivity, accuracy, and cost efficiency. 

The careful selection of materials and new developments in sherardising yokes, gland flanges, and gland bolting ensure state-of-the-art corrosion resistance for a long service life. Thanks to professional application in one of our fully-conditioned paint booths with curing chamber, various special heavy-duty coating systems will last even in the toughest environments.

Using our experience in worldwide delivery, our logistics department provides every possible service, from customised packing lists to complete handling of international shipments.

To maintain the quality of our products after installation, customers can receive training sessions and after-sales support is available worldwide.