Key Valve Technologies 

In addition to marketing our medium and high pressure forged steel valves manufactured at our European location, valve producer HP Valves also operates a plant in South Korea.

A range of large bore valves, control valves, steam conditioning valves, and fluid flow control devices, particularly suited for high pressure services, are manufactured by its Korean subsidiary Key Valve Technologies Ltd.

Key Valve Technologies Ltd. (KVT) was founded in 1998 in Seoul, Korea, as a valve engineering company with the aim of engineering and manufacturing high quality and innovative valves for heavy duty applications in the power generation and process industry.

HP Valves bv cooperated closely with KVT right from its foundation, and in 2009 KVT was taken over in order to expand the product portfolio and to further develop and strengthen both companies’ position as well-known, modern, fully-equipped manufacturers providing a complete range of medium and high pressure valves.

Supported by its strong expansion, KVT opened a newly built factory in October 2013 and its key staff members in R&D, engineering, and management individually each have more than 20 years of experience in power generation and valve engineering.

The goal of our alliance is to bring together a complete high quality range of valves for contractors in power generation and petrochemical industries, combining a competitive price level with a high level of support and service. As a well-known and respected manufacturer, HP Valves bv is the centre of competence and your focal point for this alliance.