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    HP Valves focuses on the design, manufacture and sale of medium and high pressure, forged steel gate, globe, check, needle and..

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  • Our mission

    Our mission

    From the very beginning, HP Valves has taken the lead in product, service and process improvements. It was, for example, one of..

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  • Power Generation

    Power Generation

    Although non-hydro renewables will grow faster than any other primary energy source, most electricity is generated by conventional..

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HP Valves is a well-known and respected manufacturer of medium and high pressure gate, globe, check and needle valves. Using our experience in worldwide delivery, we can offer a wide range of valves for power generation and petrochemical industries.

The HP Valves B.V. website provides continuous support of our customer’s strategic purchasing objectives, assisting your company to realize significant cuts in both material and process costs. We use a joint approach to focus on an intensive supplier-customer relationship, provide professional services and assess our performance.