Our mission

From the very beginning, HP Valves has taken the lead in product, service and process improvements. It was, for example, one of the first Dutch companies to implement ISO9001, ISO14001 and PED certification. Responding to the changing demands of customers, HP Valves has evolved from a manufacturing company into a project-oriented enterprise. It now offers a complete range of complementary services, from technical consulting to full-scale logistics and site services. These developments are reflected in our mission statement:

“Building a strong international and reputable name in medium and high-pressure industrial applications by developing partnerships with customers and servicing their flow control problems in the most complete, efficient, innovative, and reliable way possible at a competitive price by using our employees’ expertise along with continuous improvement to provide solutions that offer high added value to our customers, stakeholders and the environment.”

We believe that by building long-term relations with our clients and suppliers, all stakeholders can benefit from learning curve improvements that enhance our mutual competitiveness. Such partnerships enable us to gain a better understanding of your specific requirements, expectations and needs, allowing us to continuously improve our services and product quality through the implementation of our in-house expertise. We look forward to working with you as one of these partners.