BVT Sweden 

HP Valves has joined forces with the Swedish company BVT Sweden AB. Since we shared many of the same customer, supplied for the same projects and offer complimentary products, this was a logic addition to our portfolio. With this addition we can offer our customers a complete package of  isolation valves, control valves and steam conditioning products for power and steam.

Based on 100 years of experience in steam conditioning systems originating from the pulp and paper industry, BVT is a world-leading supplier of steam conditioning systems. BVT’s systems are used in bypass, desuperheating and spray water control applications around the world.  

The BVT products are engineered in Säffle Sweden, and manufactured in our factories in South-Korea and Europe. Complementary to the products, BVT provides services for root-cause analysis, noise-related problems and design optimization of entire steam/water system solutions.

The goal of our alliance is to bring together a complete high quality range of valves for contractors in power generation and petrochemical industries, combining a competitive price level with a high level of support and service. As a well-known and respected manufacturer, HP Valves is the centre of competence and your focal point for this alliance.