Power Generation 

Access to affordable, reliable, flexible and sustainable power is fundamental to modern life. As the world is shifting towards a lower carbon future, our customers are leveraging the role of natural gas for powering the world today and tomorrow.

Our valves are used for a variety of applications in the energy industry today, such as fossil-fuelled power plants, combined heat and power (CHP) or biomass and waste to energy. As these power stations continue to change technology, reduce emissions, and improve efficiency for the environmentally-compatible and resource-saving generation of power, product characteristics are getting more and more demanding.

Our continuous development and focus on product and process improvements have created a range of products that provide top reliability and good long-term value despite high pressure drops, vibrations, tight shutoff requirements, and corrosive environments.

Our high-pressure valves, solutions, and services are used by major power producers, EPC companies, and manufacturers of turbines, HRSGs, and utility boilers for power generation around the globe.

Our customers power the world, and it is our mission to help maintain their position as world leaders in performance and quality, from decentralized industrial applications to high efficiency power plants.