Chemical and Oil & Gas 

Serving international oil, gas and chemical (OGC) companies for almost half a century, HP Valves developed into a professional partner for these industries in times of global change.

 Chemical industries and petrochemical installations cover a wide range of applications, producing an array of products under an enormous variety of operating conditions. In addition to the safe handling of toxic products, a good corrosion resistance, reliability, and low cost are of great importance in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

High temperatures and temperatures, aggressive and flammable fluids – the extreme conditions require sophisticated and often complex solutions. Continuous development and a focus on specific chemical application requirements have created a range of products that are approved by all major petrochemical companies for use in critical installations, such as crackers, furnaces, and plants for LNG, LDPE, hydrogen and ethylene.

Our high-quality valves withstand even the most extreme conditions. Backed by service and support teams around the globe, we are also able to provide rapid response in the event of outages, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.