Meeting the rising demand, the energy market changed a lot over the last decades. Renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role worldwide and key technology for a sustainable energy sector. Our valves are used for a variety of applications for renewable energy today, ranging from biomass and waste fuelled power generation to district heating and concentrated solar power (CSP).

Providing a future-proof source of electricity and contributing to lower CO₂ emissions, power produced from biomass is increasingly economically viable. In this field our high-pressure valves, solutions, and services are used to ensuring a stable power supply.

Concentrated solar thermal power is worldwide becoming a more and more important source for power generation. With a daily start-up and shut-down high demands are placed on CSP-plants.

Our valves equipped numerous CSP-plants all over the world, converting this inexhaustible energy source into electricity.

Also, in the field of Power-to-X solutions, converting electrical energy into hydrogen as energy carrier, we are working together with our customers to develop innovative solutions that comply with all reliability, safety and efficiency requirements.