Sustainable Development

Our sustainability strategy represents a shared commitment that our business develops and improves in ways that are environmentally and socially responsible.

With our comprehensive product portfolio, we are a partner of choice for our global customers and with continuous innovation we ensure that our customers can increase the efficiency of the power plants and take the lead to enable the worldwide energy transition.

Some examples on how we support our customers with innovative solutions and services:

  • Providing valves capable of working in flexible cycling power plants
  • Support in  power plant conversions from coal to gas and from natural gas to hydrogen
  • Focus on valves for critical operation and process- and steam conditioning
  • Customized products for Combined Heat and Power: putting waste heat to use
  • Resource efficiency and increased valve lifetime by fatigue analysis (FEM), ESR-casted bodies, integral seat gate valves and designed-to-order isolation valves 
  • Steam conditioning solutions with improved rangeability at lower noise emissions
  • Custom valve designs for concentrated solar power (CSP)
  • Provide solutions for process installations that dissolve pulp used for cellulose-based textile fibres such as viscose and lyocell substituting cotton

Preventive maintenance, remote service support and repairability to increase product lifecycle sustainability.